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Eastleigh - Poole Present Day Or 1980's

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by antony.henley, May 23, 2020.

  1. antony.henley

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    Jul 6, 2019
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    Eastleigh - Poole. Plenty of scope then for freight where you take something from soton docks or the freightliner terminal and change drivers at Eastleigh for incoming or out going freight. Put in a 70 freightliner 66, 444 and 450 the odd 377 makes an appearence at Soton and Eastleigh. The occasional freight from Hamworthy Goods (stone to and from Hamworthy).

    Or do it 1980's style. 33/1 come off a 4 or 8 coach 4tc at Bournemouth having just come up from Weymouth. That then attaches to a 4Rep that takes it onwards to London. Or vice versa.
    Plenty of action for freight between Soton and Eastleigh as well as Poole and Eastleigh. Including oil traffic to Furzebrook.
    47's on the oil trains to furzebrook. 33/1's lying about double 37s on the freightliner traffic into and out of Southampton.
    You also have the 08 or 09 shunter going to Hamwothy goods on a Monday morning from Eastleigh then departing Hamworthy goods on a friday afternoon for either a trip back to Eastleigh (overnight) or for Stabling at Bournemouth depot..The list goes on.
    The route is a little under 40 odd miles.

    Depots and Yards along the route in the 80's
    BREL Eastleigh
    Eastleigh Depot
    Southampton various Yards
    Millbrook Freightliner Terminal
    Maritime Freightliner Terminal
    Fawley Oil Refinery
    Marchwood Miliatary Port
    Brockenhurst - Lymington Branch
    Bournemouth T&RSMD
    Beavouis Park (on the site of the current Northam Depot)
    Poole Goods Yard (see below)
    Hamworthy Goods Yard

    Typical services Intercity express services running from Poole - York, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Derby, Nottingham usually with Class 47 at the helm or the odd 33 or 73.

    Slam door EMU services as far as Bournemouth (Waterloo - Weymouth service then Class 33/1 and 4 or 8 car 4TC onward to Weymouth and vice versa.
    Plus various other passenger services between Easleigh and Bournemouth (I cannot remember to be honest, if anyone can remember then please feel free to comment and I will add them tot he list).

    Freightliner intermodal services to and from Soton Maritime and Millbrook with Class 47's, 33's and 37's most of the 37 turns were doubleheaded 37's. Some not even stopping at Eastleigh for a crew change.

    Ford Trainsit van traffic flows Southampton.

    Various Petro chemical trains to and from Fawley as well as Micheldever Oil terminal.

    Aggregate traffic to and from Southampton Area / Botley via Eastleigh

    Steel traffic from Hamworthy Quay Mostly Steel billets but some were steel coils in 4 wheeled sheeted wagons (see the video below).

    Cement traffic to and from Poole Goods Yard ( although this pretty much ceased mid 1980's) with 33's mostly doing the work.

    Furzebrook Oil Train usually 2 or 3 per day. Usually Motive power was a class 47 but double headed 33's were known to run this.

    The Daily newspaper train to Bournemouth from Clapham Jcn which then ran to Poole for run round then ran empty to Clapham Jcn

    Typical Motive power would be Class 47's (various types) 33/1's 33/0's the odd 33/2, Class 73's, Class 50's
    Class 37's, Class 08 and Class 09 Class 491 4TC's, Clas 430 4Reps + loads more slam door stock


    This one shot at Poole including footage at Hamworthy. Also the railway yard at Poole a few years before 1988 and the electricfication.

    Anyone remembers anymore freight services that ran in the 80's please feel free to leave a comment.


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  2. elarthur

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    Feb 1, 2020
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    Great suggestion.
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