Elma Subdivision: Hoquiam- Centralia

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    Note: This was an absolute pain to research so I have gathered as much info as I can find. Also, this is my first American freight suggestion, Woohoo!!!
    Extra note: There are some yards that I cannot find the name of so they will be referred to by the town they are located in.
    Without further ado, lets begin!

    The Line
    Running for a total of 70 miles (inc. yards) in the State of Washington, this freight only line takes us from Hoquiam on Grays Harbor, through Aberdeen and Elma, to Centralia.

    Major Locations
    Port of Grays Harbour, Aberdeen
    Aberdeen Yard
    Elma (where the Shelton Subdivision starts)
    Lowe's Distribution Center, North of Centralia
    Centralia Yard

    Operator and Rolling Stock
    One operator will be featured, this being the Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad. 3 trains will be included, these being the GP30M, GP15-1 and the GP10. The Union Pacific SD40-2, AC4400CW and GP38-2 can be substituted as they, long with the BNSF locomotive roster, are considered 'at home'

    Here is a list of all the types of cargo transported on all or part of the line:
    Timber Products
    Automotive Vehicles
    Soda Ash

    Port of Grays Harbor

    [​IMG] GP30M

    [​IMG] GP15-1

    [​IMG] GP10

    Final Words
    Despite being a pain to research and even find pictures of the various yards, I feel this route would make an excellent addition, it introduces a small freight operator that runs along side what I like to call the 'Big Boys' (UP, BNSF). After looking at the route on OpenRailwayMap and Google Maps, it seems quite interesting and diverse, from running alongside the harbor in Hoquiam and Aberdeen to being sandwiched between forests on the run from Elma to Centralia.
    On that note, I will leave with a link to a brilliant website where I got some of the images from, documenting the different locos used by the Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad and other American Railroads. http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/locoList.aspx?id=PSAP

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