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    F9D4FF72-A824-4806-8301-7A67E64F1635.jpeg Hello, my name is Nathan, or Desiro.

    This is my proposal for the class 334 EMU.

    Lets get started :).

    The British Rail Class 334 is a suburbanelectric multiple-unit train built by Alstom in Birmingham. They are part of the Juniper family of trains along with Classes 458 and 460. The trains are operated by Abellio ScotRail on their Helensburgh/Milngavie/Balloch-Edinburgh via Bathgate and Dalmuir-Cumbernauld/Lanark/Larkhall routes. They were built for SPT/ScotRail (when part of National Express) outer-suburban services in Glasgow.

    The 334 is a very nice sounding emu, With a nice screeching traction motor, link to a video of th motor recording can be found HERE.

    The 334 has had a few accidents.

    334017 - Working 2M34, the 18:23 Edinburgh-Milngaive, collided with a bunch of cows on the route towards Uphall, the undercarriage of the train was badly damaged, couple of weeks ago, 334017 was hauled by 2 37’s from Bathgate LMD - Polmadie repairs sidings.

    334021 - Was entering Glasgow Central, at 08:17 On a service from Largs or Gourock, when it collided with a class 318, 1 person required Hospital attention, but no one else was hurt.

    334??? And 334035 - Working a service from Edinburgh-Helensburgh Central, collided with a pick up truck when departing Uphall. 3-4 people were hurt, 1 needed hospital attention with a glass injury.

    What routes on TS could the 334 be used on?

    1 - Edinburgh-Glasgow: If There is an extension to Bathgate or Airdrie.

    2 - Glasgow airport rail link: the 334s were posed to run on the airport link, but the 380’s
    Got the green light to run on the route, but construction of the route goT the green light, but never went ahead.

    3 - West coast mainline North/ Suburban Glasgow: The 334 was also built for Suburban routes, and also running on the Glasgow central - Lanark route, but mostly 320’s and 318’s run the route. On The Suburban Glasgow route, They could be used for Springburn - Dumbarton/Helensburgh/Milngavie trains.

    Thread is still a WIP.
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