Erftbahn (kbs 481): Köln Messe/deutz - Bedburg (erft) (with Br644 & Br 628)

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    Bedburg (Erft)

    • The Route
      • General description
    • Services
    • Rolling Stock
      • What comes with the route?
        • DB BR 644 (Talent)
        • DB BR 628
      • DLC
        • DB BR 215 + Silberlinge
        • DB BR 218 + Silberlinge
    • Conclusion
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    General description

    The Erftbahn is a 12.7 km long railway line in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The non-electrified line was originally built and operated by the Bergheimer Kreisbahn as a metre-gauge small railway. Later, the line was converted to normal track. The Erftbahn is numbered 481 of the Deutsche Bahn. The Erft Railway is the only regional railway line operating on it.

    This route features Regional services.

    RB 38
    Köln Messe/Deutz - Köln Hbf - Köln-Ehrenfeld - Horrem - Quadrath-Ichendorf - Bergheim (Erft) - Zieverich - Paffendorf - Glesch - Bedburg (Erft)
    every 60 min Köln Messe/Deutz - Bedburg
    every 30 min Horrem - Bedburg

    Rolling Stock
    What comes with the route?

    DB BR 644 (Talent)

    The Bombardier Talent is a family of railcars manufactured by Bombardier Transportation (formerly Talbot Waggonfabrik). “Talent” is an acronym for Talbot’s light railcars. The Talent has a top speed of 120 km/h and is 52.16 m long and 3-piece. It runs on the Erfttalbahn as a single traction and during school hours as a double traction.

    DB BR 628

    The 628 series is a series of two-part diesel multiple units of Deutsche Bahn AG, consisting of one engine (628) and one steering car (928) or, in the case of a few vehicles, two motor cars (line 629). In the German Vehicle Entry Register, these vehicles were assigned the serial number 95 80 0628. These vehicles are used throughout Germany in local transport on secondary and secondary main railways. They are regarded as the successors of the rail buses and, like the latter, are often referred to as “savers of the railways. ” Due to the large number of vehicles, the vehicles are still used on non-electrified lines, despite the increasing replacement by numerous successor types.

    DB BR 215 + Silberlinge (n-Wagen)

    BR 215 was a diesel locomotive series of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Federal Railways) and later Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways) for medium-duty passenger and freight train service on main routes as well as on secondary routes. An n-cars is a class of passenger cars of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (Deutsche Bundesbahn) or Deutsche Bahn AG (Deutsche Bahn AG). Colloquially, the car type has become known as Silverling. This designation is due to the colour of the originally unpainted carriage case made of stainless steel with brushed pearl cut in peacock-eye pattern. Following the yl cars, the cars were built between 1958 and 1980 in around 5,000 units and some of them are still in use at DB Regio today. In July 2017, the inventory lists still included 269 active vehicles at Deutsche Bahn AG.

    DB BR 218 + Silberlinge (n-Wagen)
    The BR 218 of the German Federal Railroad (DB) is a class of four-axle diesel locomotives. For many years it was the most common and most important representative of the West German mainline diesel locomotives. It can still be found today on many non-electrified lines of the Deutsche Bahn AG and is used in passenger service, express train service and local service as well as freight service.

    I would like to see this route in TSW 2, especially as a complement to the SKA, because I think that this extension would bring more traffic to the line and that the triangular station Horrem would also be able to show off its sidelines (which are currently already accessible). In addition, this line would be the complete opposite of the SKA (single track, slow and non-electrified). I can say from experience that you get really shaken on the track :D


    2 Talents in Bergheim on the RB 38

    BR 628 at the exit from Zieverich

    The Credits for the Layout of my Suggestion go to jolojonasgames.
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