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Euro Fishing Patch Out Now!

Discussion in 'Dovetail Games Euro Fishing' started by DTG_Stephen, Aug 31, 2017.

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  1. DTG_Stephen

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    May 8, 2017
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    Hi all,

    We’re delighted to say that our latest patch for Euro Fishing is now live!

    In this patch you will see some new additions to the Tackle Shop with 4 new baits, from Baitworks we have Royal Marine and Atlantic Heat and there is also TNT and Live Pro boilies from Hydra baits.

    We have made big adjustments to the fish AI that will prevent fish taking the baits that are too big for them to bite and we have fixed the bait indicator jolting around when it lands in the water.

    In addition to these fixes we have corrected a bug where a score wasn’t always being awarded when hitting a target in challenges and we have fixed a problem with navigating the leaderboards.

    There have been a few fixes addressed that were specific to the Xbox platform. Multiplayer has seen some fixes that will prevent crashes, one of them being when disconnecting your controller in multiplayer. We implemented a fix for rich presence so that the game mode and lake you are playing will now display correctly again when being viewed in the Xbox One friend's list. Finally we have fixed an issue in which players were being prompted to Join Xbox Live Gold upon catching a fish or trying to join a live tournament.

    The full list of notes can be found below.
    • 4 new baits have been added to the tackle shop - Royal Marine, TNT, Atlantic Heat and Liver Pro.
    • Readjusted fish AI to prevent fish from taking baits too big for them.
    • Implemented server side loading screens.
    • Fixed issue where rig/bait would unrealistically bobble after first casting out.
    • Fixed issue in the challenges where score wasn’t always awarded after hitting a target.
    • Fixed issue regarding leaderboard navigation.
    • Fixed various localisation issues.
    • Fixed Academy crash
    Additional Xbox only fixes
    • Fixed a crash in multiplayer.
    • Fixed a known crash when disconnecting the controller in multiplayer.
    • Fixed rich presence so that users can now see the game mode that other players are in via the Friends list as part of the Xbox One UI.
    • Fixed non-Xbox Live Gold members being prompted to join Gold when catching a fish or attempting to join live tournaments.
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