Experiencing Crashes On Pc?

Discussion in 'Train Sim World Discussion' started by DTG Natster, Aug 23, 2021.

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    We are aware that over the past year, many within the community have been downloading community created mods.

    If anyone has any of these currently installed it will likely result in a crash of your game. This is due to the file being the wrong version.

    Any user installed mods before August 19th will no longer be compatible. Please check with the author of the mod before installing it into Rush Hour UE4.26.

    We also strongly advise players revert their engine.ini if they have made any customisations as these may cause problems or not work as originally expected in the new version. Once you're stable, you can then re-apply changes carefully based on that file, if you feel confident enough to do so.

    The improved stability will also impact instances where terrain was seen to be overlapping on routes and stations. This error will have been because of an Engine.ini mod.

    We would also like to make sure that everyone is aware we do not support DX12 operation on PC.
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