Feature: Consist Editor (for Scenario Editor)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Maxxxxx, Aug 15, 2022.

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    The scenario editor we have at the moment is pretty plain and simple. We hardly have any freedom in what we want to do as our options are very limited. A way to combat this is by introducing something that TSxx has already had for quite some time. A consist editor. The Scenario Planner right now only lets you choose between pre-made formations that are no different to the ones you have in the Timetable Mode (if at all; as some are missing). A consist editor would effectively let you build your own train (formation) more or less to your liking.

    Screenshot from TSC:

    With Locos gaining independence from Route DLCs this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Especially the 101/187/185/Class 66/... presents a lot of opportunities to couple it with a variety of waggons such as the Dostos or even couple it with a BR425 to bring it to the maintenance.

    While it wouldnt make the Scenario Planner perfect, it would drastically improve it in my opinion and give the Scenario Planner some much needed freedom.
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  2. moofeen#2182

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    I’m in love with this suggestion I always felt there was something missing from tsw
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    TSW3 has released and while everything improved as far as environment we are still left with a very very limited editor. This game/simulator has so much potential If they would just give us the same tools as their other program "train simulator" you would think at the very least a consist editor would be priority for them. Unless you guys in the UK rarely have a variety of rolling stock
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    We really do need a consist editor and I too think it would add a lot of freedom to the scenario designer

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