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Features, Routes And Trains I Think Tsw Needs

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mkdog45, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Mkdog45

    Mkdog45 Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2018
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    Hi, Here is a list of the features, routes and trains, I think TSW need with a brief explanation.
    - Passenger information systems and passenger announcements.
    PIS and PA are needed for both for trains and platforms. This would help the player know when, and where the train was go / calling at.
    - Guard mode
    Lets you take on different responsibilities of the railway. You would be able to check tickets, close the doors etc.
    If a train goes through a red light, you have to deal with that but instead the game just says failed scenario.
    - Dispatchers
    It would make the stations seem a bit busier. Especially for Reading and Paddington.

    - London Victoria to Gillingham/Orpington.
    This was released for TS in 2016 and proved popular. I think it would be great for TSW because it is in the city and the countryside.
    - London Victoria to Brighton
    This was a classic for TS and will bound to prove popular for TSW.
    - London Waterloo to Portsmouth
    This has recently been improved for TS and would only contain South West trains, so only need one license.
    - Hastings to Tonbridge
    This would be great for TSW because it is partly in the countryside and only one license needed again.
    - Great Western addon
    Adding the line to Oxford and Swindon and adding the branch line.
    - Class 375
    This would be in Southeastern dark blue livery. Used for London Victoria to Gillingham/Orpington and Hastings to Tonbridge.
    - Class 377
    This train is very similar to the 375. It would be in the standard livery and used on the London to Brighton and London Waterloo to Portsmouth harbour (only at Clapham Junction).
    - Class 387 and class 800
    Used as an addon for GWE. The 387 is again similar to the 377 and 375 and could be used in great western livery and Gatwick express livery. Gatwick express livery for London to Brighton.
    - Class 465/466
    Similar to the class 166. This would be in the new livery for Southeastern. Used for the London to Gillingham/ Orpington route and Hastings to Tonbridge (but only Tonbridge to Tunbridge Wells).
    - Class 450
    - Class 444
    - Class 455
    All of these trains would be used in Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour.
    This thread will be put in all the suggestions categories.
    If I have missed something let me know and tell me what you think.

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