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Discussion in 'Dovetail Games Euro Fishing' started by Fawxxx, May 25, 2018.

  1. Fawxxx

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    May 10, 2018
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    Yo dtg, thanks for a solid fishing game. Been having tons of fun with 2 mates clearing al lakes catching all bosses and trophies but there are a few things i think would improve the game drasticly without having to change the game.

    Lets kick of with the bugs. Now i know this has been mentioned tons of times but i do feel this is key to succes, i understand your running a company and making money is very important. But pushing broken dlc's and leaving broken previous dlc's untouched is rather frustating.

    A few things to improve quality of life.
    - Marker rods!
    - sitting in my chair!
    - a realisticly sized landing net!
    - head torches!

    TP.... oh my several millions tp to spend, nothing to buy and im still over 100 bosses away from finishing the game.
    I would like to see a cosmetic shop where i can buy tents, chairs, nets, optonics, clothing. Make the prices ridiclious 100.000 per tent. New optonics 50.000 etc.

    Fix bugs before new content
    Add marker rods, head torches and a proper net.
    Let me sit in my chair
    Add a cosmetic shop to change clothing and none rod related gear.

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