First Impressions Of New Dresden Line

Discussion in 'Train Sim World Discussion' started by pjwilson15, Sep 8, 2021.

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    what you consider acceptable may differ from other people’s opinions, I am on PS4 and bought the season ticket even after reading the so called bad reviews of Boston on PS4. I have to say while it isn’t silky smooth by anyone’s standards I am still happy with what we have on PS4. If you appreciate the limitations of the system and the fact this is a rail sim not an FPS it’s fine. Films run at 24fps but I don’t see people saying god that was awful I couldn’t watch as my eyes nearly fell out of my head. People get too hung up on FPS as a performance factor (mainly PC elitists that don’t really consider that the human eye cannot really detect any difference above 60fps anyway) and yeah I know there is still debate around this.

    I still consider the route very playable, maybe DTG can tweak it going forward but if it meant sacrificing texture quality etc I would rather live with what we have. If you are that upset dig deep and get a PS5 I was going to do this but spent the funds on other stuff after the appalling shortage of units and it’s made me appreciate my PS4 even more.
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    We're exploring ways we can improve performance for all players on the route; some of them are in testing (Boston), and we're gathering information about Dresden. Please, if you're having issues, head to the 'Technical reports' forum, and provide us as much detail as you can (which console or platform/scenario/loco/location on route) so we can work out if there are patterns/focus our efforts. Images and/or videos really help, too.

    These will come later, but we're working on them!
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    I have to say the Dresden route alone is worth the Season Ticket price, really is possibly the best German route once all the bugs are squashed.

    So many new features, the new driving physics on the 143 and 146, the brake modes for freight trains, the new night lighting, new track and ballast rendering and new overhead knitting.

    This route is really really solid and once it's fully polished up will be a big go to route for me.
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    Did the trophy unlock for you as it should? Still struggling to get it, but I also submitted a ticket by now. On user on XBOX mentioned, that he has problems as well with this specific achievement. He also mentioned, that it was deleted from the PC list on steam.
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    Jun 4, 2020
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    I haven’t tried it yet.
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    Introducing a new feature with Dresden...

    ... possessed passengers! :D
    As if they weren't dead enough already!


    Okay, I genuinely have no idea what caused this weird little bug, but it seemed like their eyes were extra super duper shiny, which then interacted with with the bright station lighting at Dresden. I snapped that screenshot during the initial route introduction, but it mysteriously hasn't cropped up again ever since. Creepy! :o

    Oh and there's also a floating station sign in one of the center platforms in Dresden.

    Alright! With those quirky issues aside, the Dresden route has been quite a treat so far. It doesn't take long to realize that...yeah....The scenery on this route is next level. It's the best in the game right now.
    Every station feels soo full of life and little details that just weren't there in previous routes. The ticket machines are fun to play with, and there's a load of things to look at on this route! The PIS boards at station platforms are a bit wonky, in that they don't display the trains destination. There's just a big empty space there. Hopefully this gets addressed once that branch line is introduced.

    The night lighting in this also feels like a MASSIVE step-up from what was there previously. The train's headlights actually light up the track ahead just like one would expect them to. The lighting when it comes to buildings, especially by the lineside, feel a bit off. I do think there's a lack of ambient lighting, and if it is there, then it's incredibly subtle. Further tweaks could be made, but right now nighttime runs are perfectly viable now within TSW.

    There's also a pleasant variety of traffic going to and from places, and it's seriously awesome to run next to active lines. It gives that feeling that you're part of a large network, and that right there is what sells it for me.

    There's a lot of interesting things going on with this route, and while there's a few weird things that need to be ironed out, the experience so far has been pretty good!
    Performance is on par with other routes, where it gets low around busy areas, but it runs fine in the countryside. No surprises there.
    If I had to give a rating for Riesa - Dresden, I'd probably give it an 8/10.
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    Apr 5, 2020
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    Yesterday I was able to play, although very little time, in this new route in the ps5 version and I must say that I was very surprised by its great quality.
    It is incredible the amount of details I could observe in such a short time, so I congratulate the builders because they have done an excellent job.
    Everything looks and feels so wonderfully good! I did a daytime and a nighttime ride and they both look very well lit but the new lighting effects in the stations and populated environments at night deserve a separate mention for how good they look. The Dresden skyline at night is the most beautiful I have seen so far in TSW.
    Perhaps, in my humble opinion, outside the illuminated areas I found it a little too dark, considering I did the ride on a starry July night and that would be the only downside I found in terms of the lighting.
    I also found the performance to be excellent and very well optimised.
    When the Meissen branch is added and additional traffic is added it's going to be an impressive route! Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in one way or another in its creation.

    DTG JD DTG Natster I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making it possible that the start of the YouTube videos are not cut off. Now the subtitles work perfectly and I can finally enjoy them 100%.
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