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Fisherman's Simulation Ideas

Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by scott.nichols7, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. scott.nichols7

    scott.nichols7 New Member

    Feb 10, 2020
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    DEV TEAM, I'LL START BY SAYING I LOVE THE GAME YOU CREATED. As someone that finds/knows the thrill of B.A.S.S. competitions in real life, I would love to have a few ideas heard.

    Besides actually fishing and the thrill of weigh-ins, the beginning and ending of a bass tournament are some of the most exciting parts of a tournament. Hundreds of boats lineup ready to race to their fishing locations, and at the end of the day they race back to beat weigh-in time. Unfortunately, hearing 3,2,1, beep and then pivoting on the dock to jump into my boat that sits in a lonely lake with no spectators or competition feels cheaply like an arcade. Bandaid ripped, sorry.

    Segway... the waters feel lonely. No competitor boats, no fans stalking, not even a cameraman around filming me as I'm rocking the boat from cheering, nearly falling off into the water. Lonely, Not even a herring eating baitfish, a bird in the sky, or duck on the water. Or a snake hanging in the tree where my lure just got stuck.

    Lures: Lures should have a chance to be lost from snags and hang-ups. Every time I lose one, whether it be from a fish, dock or log, I should have to repurchase it. TP should unlock the ability to purchase a lure, tournament money should be used to buy X number of the same lure to keep on the boat when needed (Tackle Boxes are real things). Retying a lure should take time.
    Every lure has a special attribute that triggers fish. e.g. A popper pops, drop-shot doodles, a rattle trap yo-yos, a jerk bait jerks, a worm twitches etc. Trying to 'simulate' this with the right stick feels clunky and not so precise. My suggestion would be to remove "Y" cut line, and use "Y" to perform a tackle skill. Cutline seems really odd in the first place and no one I have ever met in real life has ever done this. Even the verbiage used seems like a pair of scissors is required.
    It would be awesome with a sponsorship and appropriate professional level to create my own color combination for a custom bait.

    Simulation: As much as the dev team has gotten right the fish species holding to an appropriate location based on structure, weather, depth, etc, as a game labeled as a simulation, I'm consistently catching way to many fish. What fishermen calls a "honey-hole", will eventually run out of fish. Make a counter for an area, and depending on the honey-hole size, start slowing down or stop the fish that can be caught in a 100 yard area. I may actually use that troll-o-motor then. OR, even prepopulate the map with fish at given points, make us hunt for them, rely on our electronics and visuals on the water :)
    For a simulation, the fish are consistently too big. A professional angler will on some days only come back with a winning limit, all fish weighing 3lbs or less. A 10lb fish is a fish of life time. And 14+lb fish only happens once in a lifetime, not every tournament. I get the dev team has to sell the game and please everyone, but a difficulty setting would fix this... Easy, Arcade, Realistic, Pro.

    Sponsorships: Money earned should go to something... Updated trolling motors, depth-finders, gadgets, custom boats, props, paint jobs, seats, interior, anchor systems, baits, clothes, shoes, beards, haircuts, or whatever that floats the dev team's boat. Currently, it's just pointless. Sponsorship should give you some discounts, or maybe a scouting report before the competition where they hired someone to pre-fish the area to give you intel like bait type, bait color, location, best fishing times, or anything.

    Character Progression: Fishing is made up of roughly 3 styles of fisherman. Power, finesse, and methodical. With the implication of tackle skills using "Y" button, some anglers would be more proficient at using certain baits. Those TP or money from tournaments could be used to better customize our players angling strengths.

    Dev team, if you made it this far, hopefully, you found something here you can implement. I could go on and on how I envision a perfect simulation, but I'm afraid this may have been a little long-winded. You guys have crushed my expectations in a good way thus far, and I'm excited to see what you implement into this game in releases to come. To the rest of the community, did you read anything you would also like implemented?
  2. Pdiggy75

    Pdiggy75 New Member

    Jan 17, 2020
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    Sorry mate, but you have zero chance. DTG cannot even sort out some basic issues with current game let alone trying to implement any of your ideas. The game is seriously broken. I've actually asked DTG about getting a refund for everything I have spent on it. Thing is, getting a response from DTG is like getting blood from a stone, so I'm not expectant of a reply

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