PlayStation Fixed Cab Cameras Issue

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by stujoy, Jan 30, 2021.

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    This is not a bug so to speak but an issue with the immersion controls and the internal cameras on some locos. I can’t recall whether I’ve already posted about this so apologies if it is a repeat...

    Some controls are impossible to activate when in immersion mode even with a keyboard attached. The extra cab views accessed by the arrow keys on a keyboard (the only way to access them with immersion controller option) are fixed on some locos. Some controls can only be accessed from these extra camera views, for example the cab changeover lever in the Class 52, but in these views there is no way to reach the controls, as the centre dot can’t be moved either by moving the camera (it’s fixed) of by the old method with the precision cursor (it’s missing).

    In the example of the cab changeover lever in the Class 52 there is no keyboard shortcut for this so it is impossible to use AWS when using the immersion controller, as it os not reachable from the main camera position that is moveable. There are keyboard shortcuts for other things that can’t be reached but never for the changeover lever, and one or two other controls.

    A simple fix would be to free up the movement of all the extra cab views in all locos, so the camera can be moved to access all the controls in those views. They are moveable in newer locos and should really be moveable in all. Thanks.
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    Yeah a simple restricted pan and tilt that allowed the cursor to reach each control would solve the issue.
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