[french Route Suggestion] Chemin De Fer De La Baie De Somme

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    Hello all !
    Today, I'll present you the "Chemin de fer de la Baie de Somme".
    It's a french touristic railway, located in Picardie (North-West of France) running from Le Crotoy to Cayeux-sur-Mer, via Noyelles-sur-Mer and Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme. The line is not electrified, and has a total length of 27 kilometers.
    The section between Le Crotoy and Noyelles-sur-Mer is a 1 meter gauge as well as the extension towards Cayeux-sur-Mer. Also, a double gauge track ( 1 meter and standard gauge at the same time ) portion is present between Noyelles-sur-Mer and Saint-Valéry.The main depot is located near Saint-Valéry. Historic french locomotives and old swiss rolling stocks runs accross this line, known to be one of the most beautiful touristic railway in France.
    It would be, I think, a good addition for Train Simulator all the more so we don't have a lot of touristic lines available for the game, not a lot of french routes (even if some independant creators created pretty good french routes..) and especially it can combine 1 meter and standard gauge rolling stock on rails, something very unique, even in Train Simulator !
    That's it !
    I hope my post will attract players (and maybe developers) in order to introduce them to a really nice line in real-life.

    I let you here, have a good day / evening ! :)
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