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    These are suggestions for seperate and potentially mergeable german routes

    1. Riesa - Lepzig
    This route would run for around 80KM from Riesa to Leipzig, which would bridge the gap that is Rapid Transit and Bahnstecke Riesa Dresden. It would include the ICE 3 (new model, not the SKA one) and DBBR 442 with service layers from other routes
    2. Leipzig - Naumburg
    This route would run for around 60-70KM from Leipzig to Naumburg and would include the DB BR 101, allowing for Intercity Services and would include layers from other routes
    3. Naumburg to Erfurt. This would run from Naumburg to Erfurt and will include the ICE 2 and runs for about 100KM and would include layers for other Routes
    4. Erfurt to Fulda. This would run from Erfurt to Fulda for 106KM and includes the ICE 2 and 3 and would include layers
    6. Fulda to Frankfurt. This would run the 55 Mile line from Fulda to Frankfurt and would Include the ICE 2, DB BR 422, and ICE 3 and layers from other routes
    7. Frankfurt to Moutabaur and Koblenz. This would run the 97 KM fast line from Frankfurt to Moutabaur and the 128 KM line from Frankfurt to Koblenz and includes the DB BR 422, 442, and ICE 3 and layers from other routes
    8. Koln to Koblenz and Moutabaur would feature the 96 KM line from Koln to Koblenz and the 82 KM fast line from Koln to Moutabaur with the DB BR 422, 442, and ICE3 and layers from other routes
    9. Koln to Wuppertal. The most suggested route for TSW. The infamously suggested 54 KM line, from Koln to Wuppertal, with the Talent 2 442 and ICE2 with layers from other routes

    This would count to a total KM of 901. A merge of all the german routes we have, minus Hamburg to Lubeck, would allow us to, while it would be unrealistic, drive a DB BR 442 all stops from Aachen to Dresden or a ICE 3 from Dresden to Aachen. The time that would take. There are a few services to Koln in riesa dresden that stop at Riesa, so it would not be all unrealistic. The time that a full run would take. It would be worse then Just Trains Western Main Lines. Easily over half a day. At the end of the day, even this spread up not in a merge would be nice
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    No way in hell it will be merged. 900km of track is way way way beyond the limitations of TSW
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    The ICE3 doesn't operate on Riesa - Leipzig, it's the ICE-T. :)

    A route in TSW can be as long as you'd like, as TSW only loads in the bit that you're currently in, so technically route length can be infinite. The issue however is services, there is a limit on those, and the longer the route, the more services you have to take into account, and that might become a challenge when merging 9 routes. I want to see route mergers as much as anyone, but there are technical limitations that have to be solved first.

    I also don't think that Frankfurt-Montabaur makes sense, as most ICE's don't stop at Montabaur, leaving you with a timetable that's mostly AI.

    I get the desire for longer routes and route merging, but I get the feeling that a large part of this suggestion is just meant to be long, and not neccesarily interesting as a standalone route. There are definetely some in there that could be interesting though.
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    What you are looking at is Schnellfahrstrecke Rhein-Main to Moutabaur and West Rhine Railway Koblenz Wiesbaden Hbf Frankfurt Am Main Hbf. By the way S-Bahn Rhein-Main uses DB BR423 PZB only DB BR420 to 2014 rollsign equipment for all routes including S8/S9 to Wiesbaden Hbf DB BR430 not the DB BR422 since it's a S-Bahn Rhein Ruhr train Köln Duisburg Dusseldorf Hagen.
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