Germany: Ulm - Ravensburg

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    The Route

    This route stretches through the farms of central Germany for 84 kilometers of newly electrified track (about 52 miles), with speeds of 140 km/h most of the way through the route. Our journey starts at Ulm Hauptbahnhof. Shortly after departure, we turn southwest alongside the Danube river.[​IMG]
    Ulm Hbf and the adjacent sidings
    After our travel along the Danube, we enter our first station: Ulm-Donautal. The stop has an adjacent industrial park which can be used for switching duties. Our next halt is Erbach (Württ). After departure we cross the Danube.
    Rail bridge crossing the Danube
    Our next station is Laupheim West, where a 3km branch to Laupheim Stad spurs off. This creates a "wedge" style of platform. The branch also has a newly constructed south bend which enables trains to head south.
    The branch line platform
    Next we service Schemmerberg, followed by Warthausen (which has a staggered platform). Our next station is Biberach (Riß). This is the main station in Biberach, a town of about 33 thousand. We proceed to Biberach (Riß) Süd. We then call at Bad Schussenried. At our next station, Aulendorf, one can transfer to east-west services.
    Station building at Aulendorf
    We go through Mochenwangen, Niederniegen, and Weingarten Berg, before coming to Ravensburg.[​IMG]
    The platforms at Ravensburg
    Rolling Stock
    Despite the recent electrification, diesel stock is still used.
    DB 612
    Used on regional express services

    DB 218
    Used on regional services[​IMG]
    DB 245
    Used on regional services[​IMG]
    Three types of services use this route. The most limited is the InterRegioExpress services. The middle class is the RegioExpress. The slowest is RegioBahn.
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