Gotthard Route: Zürich To Chiasso Anno 1990's / 2000's

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    from 5 years ago.

    from 1990's

    from late 2000's

    from late 2000's but with old version of ICN today different sound and painting.
    old platform announcements with old information bord (today history)

    Picture from 1990 of Arth-Goldau

    old rolling stock unfortunately today in retirement or already retired the legendary Ae6/6(green), Re 4/4II/III(green and red and Series I and II),
    Re460 with IC2000 (old version and painting with GTO), RABDe 5000(old version), ETR 460(chisalpino version), Br 185 from DB, Br 189, SBB FLIRT(early 2000's) from TILO
    With old signals, Integra Signum magnets, old catenary, cars anno 2000's, old station display like anno in the old days, old SBB announcements.
    The route is beautiful along four lakes and leads through two language zones and through 4 cantons.
    The HB Zurich was quite different in 2000's. This route with the old locomotives is simply my heart with this beautiful landscape and the whistling old locomotives with the typical tachograph sound, the culture and the landscape where the railroad struggles through this mountain world. Unfortunately, many of these vehicles, where the newer ones today are already over 20 years old, will not survive much longer or will be totally rebuilt. Please please the old version. The Re 4/4II/III Re6/6 family was then the backbone on the Gotthard in my childhood, today in the great retirement. Today because of base tunnel not so much freight trains are running on Gotthard.

    At that time there were DVD with cab rides of that time from all lines of Switzerland to resurrect this time. before 1995 there is less material. There were many hobby filmmakers at that time who could afford such technology and have an amazing amount of footage of a bygone era and a replica is very easy and would simply touch the heart of many older people again. In Brugg(not on the Gotthard Line(Zurich - Bern)) there was until the 1990s a very ancient pre-war design of the L Type signals.

    It should be a version between 1990's and 2000's with rollingstock anno 2000's.

    at that time, the opening of the Gotthard, which, by the way, is the longest in the world, and the Ceneri Base Tunnel was still in the distant future. The route passes by the tourist-rich Lake Lucerne, which is considered the most beautiful lake in Switzerland and Europe, and also by the Tell's Chapel, which is a place rich in history for Switzerland and is located 300m next to the railroad tracks. Uri belongs together with Niedwalden, Obwalden and Schwyz to the original cantons of Switzerland.
    Through the Gotthard pass before the railroad tunnel was built, even the road was passed in the past with mountain dogs and monks and was always very dangerous in winter. Avalanche dogs searched for buried avalanche danger has constantly accompanied people crossing the pass. Today in the Gotthard base tunnel, which went into operation four years ago, the trip takes 20 minutes.
    In the late 1990s, the Gotthard road tunnel was opened, at that time was operated car loading. Today they start building the 2nd road tube.
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    Maybe this route could be set in the days when the Crocodiles ran. That was back in the 1920s-1940s.
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    We should see more of the Swiss normal gauge network! Like my Basel SBB - Bern suggestion, and this would fit right in: ) Switzerland is an interesting country for railways!
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