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Höllentalbahn, Baden-württemberg, Germany

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by aaronbrall#7894, Jul 29, 2021.

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    Jul 10, 2021
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    The Höllentalbahn is a 75km railway line from the city of Freiburg im Breisgau to the town of Donaueschingen. Many of you Train Simulator veterans will be aware of, or maybe even played the original Black Forrest Journeys route from Freiburg to Hausach, and for the most part his will be the same, or very similar route wise.

    Starting off at Freiburg Hauptbahnof the journey moves east with stops at Freiburg Wiehre and Freiburg Littenweiler, this is the last of Freiburg you'll see as the line now continues, passing the now closed Kappelertal station before climbing into the Black Forrest, the next station will be Kirchzarten, then Himmelreich, this will be the last stop for about 11km, after Himmelreich you continue down the single track line alongside the B31 highway passing through the Falkenstein, Lower Hirschprung and Upper Hirschprung tunnels before passing the closed station of Hirschprung, then passing through the Kehre tunnel before passing by the closed stations of Posthlade and Hollsteig before passing over the Ravenna Viaduct. A 58m (190ft) and 225m (738ft) long bridge over the Ravenna Gorge and passing over the Best Western Hotel Hofgut Sternen,, after the viaduct the railway moves through the Ravenna tunnel, then one of the longest tunnels on the railway, the Finsterrank Tunnel at 248m (813ft) and then the Loffel Valley Tunnel
    The next station is Hinterzarten and the highest point on the railway at 885m (2903ft), in 25km you have climbed 600m (1968ft) in elevation, a very short run of 4km to the next stop of the Spa Resort of Titisee, a picturesque resort overlooking Lake Titisee and the Feldberg, the tallest mountain in the Black Forrest, and the tallest mountain in Germany outside of the Alps at 1493m (4898ft). After Titisee you pass by the closed Holzlebruck station. the next stopping station is Neustadt Schwarzwald station, serving the town of Neustadt.. Nothing major comes up for another 10km until you pass by the closed station of Kappel Gutachbrucke before passing over the Gutach Valley Bridge before rolling through several 100m (330ft) + tunnels for Finsterbruhle, Hornle, Setze and Kapf before stopping at Rotenbach, then Loffingen before passing by the closed Reiselfingen station. Several small towns are next on the schedule stopping at Bachheim, Unadingen and then passing through the Doggingen Tunnel and then Doggingen, at 535m (1755) the Doggingen tunnel is the longest tunnel on the line. After Doggingen you pass the closed Hausen Vor Wald station before stopping at Huffingen-Mitte, here you can get connecting services to Konstanz, this is also the penultimate station as the next station on the line is Donaueschingen, 74.7km away from Freiburg

    There is also a branch line for this route, the Dreiseenbahn, or in English Three Lakes Railway, the name comes from the fact it passes by the lakes of Titisee, Windgfallweiher and Schluchee. It in total is 19.2km and runs from Titisee calling at Feldberg-Barental which at 967m (3172ft) is the highest point of this route, it then moves onto Altglashutten-Falkau, Aha, Scluchee and terminates at Seebrugg at an elevation of 932m (3057) above sea level.

    The railway line is electrified until Titisee and trains from Freiburg terminate here but Breisgau S Bahn Trains run all the way to Donaueschingen and on to Villingen

    In terms of rolling stock the route will add little new, for the electrified parts the route is operated by the BR143 and Doppelstock coaches. both which already exist for the Ruhr Sieg Nord route And for the unelectrified parts, the only new locomotive and coaches. The BR218 and DABz Dosto coaches

    I have linked albums for points of interest on the route, as well as stations and some noteworthy bridges and tunnels. I have tried to make sure they are in order but some may be out of order
    Freiburg-Donaueschingen :https://imgur.com/a/J4tLEan

    Dreiseenbahn branch line: https://imgur.com/a/GbWPmEL
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  3. jolojonasgames

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    Oct 21, 2020
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    You could include some pictures, so people can see how unique the scenery is :). This could v e really interesting, definetely if it comes with a BR 218, a 3rd generation Dosto cab car and the Dreiseenbahn.
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