Hamburg - Lübeck Service Mode: Currently Less Trains Because Of Construction Work

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    DTG Protagonist said in a stream that if we have some info about a planned route we should share them with you so please forward this to the places it makes a difference. Might also be relevant for TrainSim-Matt as he is more or less responsible for service mode as far as I understood.

    So I have some important info about the current timetables between Hamburg and Lübeck. Currently because of construction work between Hasselbrook and Hamburg Hbf a short section is only one track and the additional trains in rush our are cancelled. Normally there are two additional trains for each direction on the RB 81 from Hamburg Hbf to Ahrensburg. It would be sad if they weren't included in service mode.
    This situation is currently planned to end on February 6th but might take longer if they don't finish the construction work on time. Here is a (German) source for that

    One example for one of the additional RB 81 services:

    So please don't simply take a timetable from the end of 2020 or January 2021 for Hamburg - Lübeck because of the missing services.

    Another tip I have: The BR 112 is the current standard on the route but more and more of them get replaced with BR 146.2s nowadays, especially on the RE 8 / 80 but also a few on the RB 81. Maybe you could enable substitution for the 146.2?

    There are a few (maybe 2-4 or something like that) ICE services on the route, maybe you could do them with the BR 403 from München - Augsburg, I think they are ICE 2 and 1 in reality but as long as we don't have them, the ICE 3 might be fine.

    But most important for me is including those rush hour services as they really make the route busy in these times in the morning and afternoon.
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    Will they extend to Kiel?

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