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    Hi all. So, a very strange and probably very out of place topic for you...but I'm really struggling to fit this final piece of the puzzle- How does the sinter mix (the mix of coke, limestone and iron ore) actually make it to the sinter plant, particularly in the case of Redcar Steelworks?

    For context, this is for a model railway layout project, which will feature a steelworks as part of the scenery. I feel it's a good idea to learn about the steelmaking process. I already know what sinter consists of and that it gets added to the blast furnace in order to produce molten iron.

    I've been staring at Redcar Steelworks from above, wondering how the sinter mix is transported to the sinter plant. If anybody knows, please do reply. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I know that the steelworks is no longer operational and is being demolished piece by piece. I believe they demolished part of the sinter plant in 2021? However, it appears that on google maps, the satellite images show it before that.

    I can see tracks left behind and I'm guessing that wagons of some sort might have transported it into the plant? The only other option is a dumper truck, maybe. That's my thought process.

    I would guess the sinter is fed along a conveyor belt when it comes out of the plant, fed into the furnace at the end.
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