Here’s A Thought On Future Dlc After Next Gen Release (answers On A Postcard)

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    Old scenario…
    TSW2020 route purchased..
    Buys TSW2… can download all old 2020 preserved routes purchased in the past.

    new scenario…
    PS4 owner of TSW2
    Upgrades/Moves over to PS5 version. Buys future routes on PS5 version.
    PS5 catches fire due to a combination of dust and poor air circulation ..
    Or the console just gives up regardless.

    can’t buy another PS5 due to stock shortages.
    Picks up classic PS4 co sole again as they can’t live without TSW2…

    Are they allowed to download any DLC purchased from the PS5 version? :o Or do they need to double dip the download process and purchase PS4 each time then switch to PS5 and do things that way?

    This is a genuine question by the way. just thinking if the double is needed for purchases… some might want to keep the PS4 version installed even if drive space is a local issue to them. (500gb drives can be found for the price of rush hour these days)
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  2. junior hornet

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    The way I understand it (and I might have misunderstood), you don’t buy a “PS5” version of the DLC, you buy the TSW2 DLC for Playstation and it works out what version to download to your console depending on which version console you have.
  3. shhweeet#4292

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    Which means you purchase a TSW2 dlc only once and every time you want to re download it you get the version that matches the console you are downloading from


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