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How To Switch To Outside Mode?

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Pia, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Pia

    Pia New Member

    Jan 9, 2020
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    Can anyone help? I do not understand how to turn to the mode that Shows the Train from outside with my xbox one Controller.
  2. Factor41

    Factor41 Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2019
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    Push down on the right stick to bring up the Camera menu. Check the manual here for the other controls.
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  3. Doomotron

    Doomotron Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2018
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    If you're used to playing games like GTA5, note that the menu that pops up isn't a radial menu like the weapon wheel, where you rotate the stick. Contrary to how it looks, it is in fact a normal menu but in a strange radial layout.

    There are several outside cameras:
    • The free camera can move anywhere in the route. If you go to far though, the game will have to load to get you back to the train.
    • The boom cameras are like Train Simulator's outside views. They are 'fixed' and can be rotated, tilted or moved closer or further away from the train.
    • The front and rear cameras are semi-fixed cameras. They move with the train like the boom cameras, but in camera mode (toggled by pressing Y/triangle) can be moved freely like the free camera. When you stop moving it will be held there. These are useful for coupling or for a view in front of the cab window.
    In the outside camera, alarms can be heard from the cab, and the train can be controlled in driver mode. In camera mode, you switch to controlling the position of the camera.

    To speed up the outside camera, click in the left stick while moving. Use the triggers to go up and down.
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