Hsp-46 And Hyundai Rotem Bi-level Cars

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    This is a suggestion to develop the MPI HSP-46 locomotive along with Hyundai Rotem Bi-level cars as a DLC for the Boston Sprinter route in Train Sim World 2.
    It was puzzling to me when dovetail games released that the included consists for Boston Sprinter route would include an F40PH-3C and MBB commuter cars. Although the MBTA does own approximately 190 MBB cars most are based on the north side of the system, with some more recently being leased out to CTrail for their Hartford line service. It is extremely rare to see an entire consist made up of MBB cars. It is much more common for consists on the south side of the system, particularly the providence line, to consist of bi-level passenger cars, with a few comet coaches mixed in. The bi-level cars are mixture of newer hyundai rotem cars, and older kawasaki built cars. They are generally the same appearance wise, minus the exterior destination boards on the new Hyundai cars.
    On to the HSP-46. The MBTA is the only operator of this locomotive, with only 40 examples being produced. These 40 units however are more common than MBTA's current roster of about 30 F40PH-3C's. And again is the more common motive power to be found on the system's south side.

    Beyond the real world comparisons, this DLC would offer up two never before seen pieces of rolling stock to the train sim community. The HSP-46, and Bi-level cars have not been modeled for either train sim world, or train sim classic.
    Realistic re-skin possibilities on this rolling stock would be pretty much non-existent, but I think the uniqueness of these models, coupled with the accuracy to the prototype would make this an appealing option for a future dovetail DLC.

    And if dovetail really wanted to sweeten the deal, they could include the extra 20-ish miles of trackage beyond providence to Wickford Junction, the terminus of all MBTA services along the line ;)
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