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Immersion Factor In Trainsimworld

Discussion in 'PC' started by johann.olivier, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Medellinexpat

    Medellinexpat Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2018
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    Digital Draftsman - thanks very useful. So, one I understand on routes. although that does open a question about locos and other third party content - sound & enhancement packs etc.

    But (and bear with me on this) I didn't suggest third parties could produce content without some form of TSW editor - as I stated 'couldn't they use..the same tools as DTG - ergo they wouldn't need the 'add-on' editor.'

    DTG is a publisher - it's in their interests to have third parties involved as they produce content that then produces revenue for DTG by way of distribution. Why, providing you have some sort of contractual arrangement, wouldn't the third parties just have access to the same tools as DTG? I guess there might be some issue about them changing core cooked data, but there would surely be some ways of policing that? If you'd gone that route, rather than waiting for the 'add on' editor we might be already seeing third party content?

    Many of the third party publishers have made a business out of producing better content than DTG - and in fairness often more expensive content. I presume they can still do that, but I do wonder if the 'user' editor might have enough constraints and omissions (perhaps invisible to the ordinary non commercial user) to make that more difficult for them?
  2. Digital Draftsman

    Digital Draftsman Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2018
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    DTG are using the TSW Editor, not the standard UE4 Editor. What DTG uses is what they say they are going to make available to us/Third Parties. The TSW Editor is a derivative of the UE4 Editor, which presents a hurdle, as DTG require Epic's permission and distribution channel to distribute it. There are probably ways around the issues provided you're a contractor for DTG, but if you're not, then DTG will have to distrubute the TSW Editor via Epic. 'Second Parties' as DTG calls them would probably cover contractors.

    It's not possible to change the cooked files, it's effectively a one way process. The UE4 Editor, or TSW Editor in this case, compiles the game source files in a format which cannot be decompiled by the end user. This is why it won't be possible to edit the default routes.

    Bus Simulator has made use of a modified UE4 Editor which Epic have distributed. It features custom tools which are very similar to the TSW Editor. It was relased at the same time the game was, so one does have to wonder what the hold up with DTG is, especially as Bus Simulator was made by team of about 20 people.
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