Isle Of Man Steam Railway Network

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    For when steam releases presumably next year, this is a route I’d love to see. The lines run from Douglas to Port Erin, Peel and Ramsey. Set in the 1940s-50s, the network would be around 45 miles long which is plausible for TSW2. 6F0F358F-1E90-4C87-B09B-543A6C1C2215.jpeg

    Services would include the passenger services between Douglas and Port Erin, Peel and Ramsey, including the splitting of trains at St John’s to head to Peel and Ramsey, and general goods trains.

    Rolling Stock
    The locos on the route would be the Beyer Peacock built 2-4-0s that were in service during the time period the route is set. Rolling stock would include ‘Small F’ coaches, ‘Large F’ coaches, ‘G’ closed vans and ‘H’ three plank wagons. 5B9E5A12-0BD0-4B6C-AA9E-A7899E7D322A.jpeg

    No. 15 ‘Caledonia’
    This is the only non Beyer Peacock loco on the line, being built in 1885 by Dübs & Co. It was built to tackle the steep gradients of the Foxdale Railway. It was used on cattle trains from Ramsey by the Isle of Man Railway, so this DLC would include the ‘K’ Cattle Vans. It was also used on passenger services 58D80A18-0A2E-4EA8-822E-D7EB6D5E2500.jpeg
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