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Japanese Trains That Might Be In Train Sumulator.

Discussion in 'Loco Suggestions & Proposals' started by Nyseu85, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Nyseu85

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    Mar 29, 2019
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    As I mentioned in my Narita Line post seeing Japanese trains will be something amazing, because Japanese trains are compatible with British platforms. They’re just perfect, even though they won’t be licensed we can still have blank white and black livery and it’ll be still amazing (or silver and black).
    Because of number their compatibility we can have acceptable bi-level trains for U.K.
    Here are the trains that would be amazing in train simulator:
    -Odakyū 50000 Series VSE
    -Kintetsu 50000 Series
    -Kintetsu Urban Liner Next
    -JR West/Central Series 285
    -JR East E257-0/E257-2000
    -JR East E235
    -JR East E353
    -JR East E231 (remaining variants)
    -JR E001 Shiki Shima as an excursion train/royal train (maroon and black)
    -JR East Series 400, E3 and E6 Shinkansen because we need proper Shinkansen trains, especially mini Shinkansen since they’re the most beautiful ones and versatile.
    That’s all I can think off.
    You can add Your own ideas here.
    Ps. In the Narita Line post I’ve said about two versions of these trains: narrow gauge and standard gauge (except Shinkansen) for use on other non-Japanese routes just for fun. That would mean we can use them on wakayama-sakurai lines, Narita Line and… WCML, ECML etc.
    Standard gauge versions will have increased speeds for example from 130 to 200 or 180km/h.
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