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Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by jaykongmt, Dec 26, 2018.

  1. jaykongmt

    jaykongmt New Member

    Dec 26, 2018
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    1. Bass jigs need to be in this game. I was a bit confused when I didn't see them. I like how they're using some brand name items in the game. Maybe they gotta strike a deal or something to have it added. That's really cool. Hope we get them Swim/skip/football jigs.
    2. Come on... I was excited to see fish in the 10-30 ft. But no dropshot. It is a bit of a challenge to see if we're correctly using plastic/soft baits that we need to bounce/lift up and down. Don't know if regular techniques in real life works in the game besides the mechanics that were added already. So I just constant drag everything for a catch or twitch lol.
    3. Be nice if we had chunky big swimbaits for bass and other predators. Like Huddleston type of swimbaits from cali. or those 2-3 piece big swimbaits. 6-12 inch in size. So far ive been using that 6inch proshad... and 8inch spoon. I want more options haha.

    I am loving the game so far. I think the DLC's are a bit costly. Lets hope you read our feature requests and make the game great enough so that we don't regret buying/supporting the game. I have been streaming on twitch as I don't see much/any at all being streamed lately since this post date. I get people who ask about the game if its good or not during this steam sale. One of the better Fishing Simulators out there. I don't like fishing planet.

    Keep doing a good job. Especially that trolling motor! Wow but .. its hard for me to control it/turn off if i hook up on a fish using keyboard/mouse on pc.
  2. Killjoy Dos

    Killjoy Dos Member

    Nov 20, 2018
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    We recently recieved big swimbaits but we still need dropshots and jigs. Fishing deep water needs improved and jigging or “twitching” could use improvement. We also need jerkbaits. And bigger rarer bass.

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