Lack Of Shunting On Certain Routes

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    To correct my prior post, I mean in certain routes.

    For instance, on the East Coastway route there's certain stations on the way to Eastbourne that have points and signals that, one would think, would be used for setback moves. It would be really cool if you could say, terminate at one of those stations and return back to Lewes and/or Brighton. Or terminate and return the other way back to Eastbourne.

    Also, there really is a lack of access to sidings, particularly in scenario planner. You can't access any siding in the scenario planner on the East Coastway or Southeastern High Speed routes, and even on the Bakerloo line which has the most access to sidings in terms of the scenario planner from what I've seen you can only access one of the sidings at Queens Park.

    And even in timetables on the East Coastway and Southeastern High Speed routes there's a lack of sidings you can access. East Coastway I can sort of understand because there's only really three depots on the whole route and all are accessible in timetables. But Southeastern High Speed, the only sidings you can access are the freight siding on the way to Gravesend if you're in a loco, the Gillingham depot and I have noticed one of the sidings at Gillingham Station is now part of the timetable. However there is at least two other sidings at Gillingham station which aren't accessible at all, and I can think of at least two other sidings on the route which aren't even mentioned. Gillingham Depot is a lot of shunting don't get me wrong, but it does get repetitive after a while. Would be cool to be able to shunt into some other places.

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