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Laurel Line Content

Discussion in 'Content Developer's Area' started by BlackDiamond1964, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. If you haven't seen my other threads at this point, I'm creating a interurban railroad that was located in northeastern Pennsylvania.
    Here is my web site with all the details.
    So far I made the first Station on the route and I'm working on trolley wires and poles. My first attempt was to make the poles & wires using the gantry system shown on the Developers Document Page. I went step by step but the poles would not show. The poles would show up as scenery items only. The wire loft would also show. The gantry would show up in the editors list, but no poles would appear.

    I ended up making wire lofts with the poles on either end of the wire. While they will work just fine. I sure would like to know how to make a successful gantry system as I'm planning on making some power poles in the near future.

    Can anybody help me to understand the process of making a gantry blue print?

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