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PlayStation Leaves Are Still On The Trees In Winter (service Mode)

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Suomen surkein junakuski, Jul 25, 2021.

  1. Suomen surkein junakuski

    Suomen surkein junakuski Active Member

    Jun 17, 2020
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    When playing the service mode in winter, trees are having leaves in them, even when in real life they fall off in autumn. However in the scenarios the trees look as they should and don't have leaves in them. So, it is a feature in the game but for some reason it doesn't work on service mode. Only route where trees spawn correctly, seems to be the Main Spessart Bahn.
    Here are some pictures about the issue:

    Trees in the SPG scenario "Ice and snow":

    Trees in SPG's timetable mode:

    Trees in SEHS's timetable mode:

    Trees in MSB's timetable mode:

    For me, this issue is really distracting from the game and it is one of tge reasons why I don't like to play in winter time. I hope that they will fix this in the game engine upgrade.
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  2. solicitr

    solicitr Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2020
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    This is a known issue which stems from the current game setting "winter" in timetable mode to an absurd date, with leafy trees. It will cease to be an issue when the UE 4.26 update comes out, because instead of 4 seasons we can specify any of 12 months.

    In the meantime there is a very good PC mod which fixes the problem, but I'm afraid Playstation owners will have to wait for Rush Hour.
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