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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by railhub#5135, Oct 31, 2021.

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    Dear DoveTail Games team

    It has been a great opportunity that you have worked very hard in developing this game and really getting into account a realistic simulation of all the train environments of all over the world. Even the features are great and all the players are happy of this game.

    Now I have a very polite request for the entire team. Kindly ensure that you continue to keep working on releasing new editions of this game and keep this game active on sale for everyone to download and play. It is very important that you keep the permission approved from the customers like Steam, PlayStation, XBOX to sell this game and that you have approved permission from the city and national governments to develop new routes and keep the existing ones since this is the best game I have ever played especially with the passenger view where a player can ride the train and the AI system will drive.

    Keep up all the hard work that you have made in developing the game and I hope you can follow my request to keep this game selling to everyone and keep launching new editions over the coming years of the Train Sim World series.

    Yours sincerely
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