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    TrainSim-Adam - I've tagged you in this but not sure if LGV now falls under the preserved crew yet so I'm sorry if I've tagged you incorrectly here.

    Just completed my first 'Leave Depot' service on LGV, the third item in Chapter 1: Setting In on Journey Mode. I managed to achieve a perfect score of 530 points on this service but the results screen only awarded me with a Silver medal.

    After this, I went into Timetable mode and picked another one of the 'Leave Depot' services, this time the 6:55 service. Same thing again, perfect score of 530 points but Silver medal only.

    I then tried a 'Return to Depot' service and got a perfect score of 560. This awarded me with a Gold medal instead. There's a slightly longer run when coming into a depot that gives you the chance to earn two sets of 30 points for sticking to the line speed, whereas coming into Marseille you can only earn a single set of 30 points.

    It would appear the minimum score to get a Gold medal for depot runs are slightly above the maximum points you can possibly earn in the 'Leave Depot' services.

    I've only tried this on PC so far, I own the route on PS4 so might try and update my post later unless someone else could confirm below that same thing happens on consoles.
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