Linke Rheinstrecke: Frankfurt Am Main-koblenz (west Rhine Railway)

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    The West Rhine Railway is a 152km railway line running from Koln HBF to Mainz HBF, I will be talking about the 81km line from Frankfurt HBF to Koblenz HBF on the Western bank of the river Rhine, this railway could provide the most diverse German railway in the game due to the large usage of both electric and diesel trains.

    Leaving Frankfurt the line passes Frankfurt Airport, after leaving the airport the railway crosses over the Südbrücke crossing the Rhine before entering Mainz, the railway then follows the the banks of the Rhine until arriving at Koblenz passing tows such as Bingem Am Rhein and Oberwesel
    There are several passenger lines that run on the line (I probably have missed some), such sights along the way include the remains of the Hindenburg Bridge near Bingem which as destroyed in March 1945 by retreating German forces, Rheinstein Castle, Ehrenfels Castle, Binger Mausetrum and the Sooneck castle to name a few

    IC/EC 31: Kiel-Hamburg-Passau (Koblenz, Bingem, Mainz, Frankfurt)
    Operator: DB
    Rolling stock: DB BR 101

    IC/EC 32: Berlin-Dortmund-Innsbruck/Tubingen
    Operator: DB
    Rolling stock: DB BR 101

    RE2: Koblenz-Boppard-Bingem-Mainz-Frankfurt Airport-Frankfurt HBF
    Operator DB or Vlexx
    Rolling stock:
    Stadler Flirt
    LINT 54/81
    DB BR 143 + 4 Dosto

    RE17: Koblenz-Boppard-Bingem (continues on the Nahe Valley Railway)
    Operator: Vlexx
    Rolling stock: LINT 54/81

    RB 26: Koblenz-Boppard-Oberwesel-Bingem-Ingelheim-Mainz
    Operator: Trans Regio
    Rolling stock: Siemens Desiro ML (both 1 and 2 train sets)

    Rhein Main S-Bahn: S8
    Operator: DB
    Rolling stock: DB BR 430

    several services run on the line between Mainz and Frankfurt that can be playable, they are as follows and what train is used on that service

    ICE 20: ICE 1

    ICE 31: ICE 1/ICE T

    ICE 41: ICE 3

    ICE 42: ICE 3/ICE 4

    ICE 50: ICE T

    ICE 91: ICE T

    IC/EC: 30

    IC: 31

    IC/EC: 32

    IC: 35

    RE3: Vlexx
    BR 620/622

    RE14: DB
    BR 429

    RB31: Vlexx
    BR 620/622

    The West Rhine Railway is one of the busiest railway lines in Germany for freight, and only got busier after the Koln-Frankfurt high speed line was opened and the relief of ICE services meant more freight trains could run on the West Rhine Railway

    possibility for addons:
    DB BR 146 in DB IC White and Twindexx coaches
    DB BR 147 in DB IC White and Twindexx coaches
    DB BR 120 with IC coaches
    BR 193 in MRCE black
    BR 151 in Hector Rail and DB liveries
    DB BR 218
    DB BR 111
    DB BR 761/762 (3rd Generation Dosto)

    Trains that can be layered
    DB BR 101
    ICE 3
    DB BR 420
    DB BR 155
    DB BR 204

    Photos can be found here:
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    Furthermore Frankfurt Flughafen to Koblenz have Sleeper Trains from Aachen and Duisburg those are hauled by DB BR182 family locomotives owned by ÖBB the 1016 1116. S Bahn Frankfurt Mainz via Wiesbaden is S8/S9 DB BR423 DB BR430 & DB BR420.
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