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Lirr: Additions And Suggestions

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions & Proposals' started by MillerPC, May 15, 2019.

  1. MillerPC

    MillerPC Member

    Nov 30, 2017
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    Hi, Here are some of my little additions and suggestions and some fixes i think should be added to LIRR for the sake of content, realism and play-ability.

    - Usually when crossing over switches and Junctions, your train will lose 3rd Rail power for a short amount of time, however during this time the HVAC should cut off as well since well it doesn't have power. Shortly after it should cut back on to whatever setting you had it on. Simple Suggestion.
    - If you turn the HVAC off, the audio inside the train still plays as if you have it on, however outside the train its completely off. Maybe you could fix this by completely getting rid of the audio of the HVAC inside when the HVAC is off. So well its, OFF.
    - As another user on the forums posted here you should be in control of the comfort of your train. Taking people to Point A to Point B should be more than that. These trains are supposed to travel long distances so the weather outside will depend on how your train should be setup. For example, snowy weather should mean your passengers are in much need of heat. Failure to turn on your heat for the run will lead to a bad passenger rating and overall rating. Just an Idea.

    3rd Rails:
    - I don't think i have much for the 3rd rail except for sparks. Its something simple and probably not even graphically demanding. Trains leaving the 3rd rail usually has big arks and sparks. Random sparks should also occur from the contact shoe running along it. (This shouldn't be limited to third rails btw, this should also be applied for any route that uses powered cables as well.)

    - LIRR runs many different consists with some being shorter and others longer. This is mainly for the type of service and the platform length. In your services, if you manage to get a consist that is longer than the platform, you should have the first few cars in the station and the last few off the station. So this means, when using door controls you have to be able to only open the first few cars and close them. There are buttons in game that actually click but, don't exactly do as its told. Please fix this so you can control the where your doors open and close at. (As well as the buzzer to signal doors are closing, its something small but should be looked at)

    - One of the noticeable things is that there are less trains or rather no trains on your track and a little amounts of trains on the opposite track (yes i know this is for performance reasons on why there is so little) but this results in very fast runs. Meaning there are never or rather rarely any times you need to wait at a station because your switch is occupied or a train ahead of you is delaying you. Pretty boring for a sim that expresses realism.

    - Failures are something we should incorporate because of all transit companies, MTA LIRR is far from a perfect fleet. (I've heard that due to licensing reasons they can't or won't add them for the sake of X company doesn't want to show off their consists as failures or something) If you don't want to add train failures there are other things you can show off such as signal failures, switch failures, police activity at this station, or even construction along x track. This is needed to keep you on your toes and looking out for things. It adds more replay-ability because you never know what's going to happen. Usually, i can just add power and take a nap knowing that theres nothing to worry about. This is bad. (this shouldn't be limited to LIRR btw)

    These are my little suggestions, I may add more as time passes but if you have an suggestions, you can also add them here, or rather make your own thread. Whatever works for you.
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  2. mrchuck

    mrchuck Active Member

    Dec 11, 2018
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    Jamaica to oyster bay or a Scenario including the M3 from Jamaica to Babylon or ronkonkoma.
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  3. Boyka91

    Boyka91 Active Member

    May 6, 2018
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    OMG!! I love your post you spoke facts about everything. And they suppose to put the train stop along the side of the train to let the passenger knows that they stop are next. And they should add the conductor making the sound speakers saying this is the train to hempstead the next station Jamaica Etc etc
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