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Discussion in 'Creation Centre' started by DTG Protagonist, Aug 21, 2020.

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    Layer Limit can be bypassed with the layer limit mod. I see why the devs havent added it yet because once you get around 1000 layers it takes a few seconds to register a decal being removed or something being moved, once it begins to move its fine but sometimes you have to wait a few seconds before it responds. But even then it can easily handle over 1000 layers without issue

    My biggest thing is just layers I can copy and paste to a different loco/car, remaking the same logo 20 times gets old

    It would be cool, for example, The CRR SD40, Which I reskined this myself: 20211111233739_1.jpg

    If I could select options to remove equipment, like for example the dynamic brake grid, the side mounted bell, plow etc

    Automatic running numbers, where you can specify the range the numbers can go, the text format etc and then place them on the car wherever it whatever font size and type you want

    The ability to use any text that is currently installed on your PC and the ability to actually type something out like lets say "2 Inch HF Comp Shoes" and it to apply as a single layer instead of manually selecting 16 letters.

    A background that shows it in "Game" the lighting in the editor is much darker than most the lighting in the game

    The ability to delete old paint colors from your previous paint selector

    Ability to save a certain color for reuse on another car

    Numeric projection settings

    Ability to name groups

    Give reskins a higher resolution, what I mean is when I scale letters down they become garbled, whereas stock in game its perfectly legible, I assume when in livery editor the editable surface area of the rolling stock uses a lower resolution than the actual textures

    Ability to import your own custom logos, Its obvious it can be done, and I understand the legal pitfalls of doing such, But it does fall into the category that these are intended for personal use.

    The ability for someone to custom create their own decal, for example use Photoshop to make a certain shape they want, import it to the game.

    But really the editor isnt bad in its current state, it works well, and if you take your time and learn it, its not terribly difficult to make whatever you want.

    I mean I have no big gripes about it, its fun to use! Ive spent too much time on it.
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    On ps5, I believe that was fixed a while ago
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    I have a short history of livery modding on PC (for example Dirt Rally 2.0). I love doing graphics designs. TSW I have had on my console (PS4) for some time, but I haven't bought the game for PC. A couple of weeks ago I decided to test the livery editor in TSW2/PS4, and ever since I've been totally hooked on this tool. I've already done about 10 locomotive liveries and another 10 car/wagon liveries. Although the editor is a great tool, there are certain basic elements that I would like to see introduced, to make it even better. When I saw this thread on the forum I decided to share few of my thoughts and development ideas (although many of the previous commentators have already raised the same points in their posts), just in case the TSW dev team happens to read this thread.

    First and foremost, we need mode layers to the editor. 300 is not enough. 600 would be a good starting point, and if the number can be stretched even further than this, even better. The other option is to change the operating logic so that one layer could contain more characters (letters) than just one. Creating logos and textures is very layer consuming and the limit of 300 is reached quite often when the livery is only half-ready.

    Secondly, we need more fonts and a 'bold' -tool would be a nice addition as well. Creating different lettering by using the shapes adds up very quickly to 300 layers.

    It would be nice, if custom made logos and texts could be either saved or transferred to other locomotives and cars/wagons. It's pretty frustrating to create complex logos and lettering from the scratch every time I decide to change the loco or car/wagon.

    The color map needs to be correlated with some standard (HEX, RGB, etc), so that we can pinpoint just the right color (for example DB red), instead of just estimating it with our own best educated guesses. Clear coding would also allow the use of the same color on other locos/cars/wagons.

    A specially made 'weathering tool' would be cool, or alternatively, we need more shapes with a gradient in them and more layers. The current shapes are not the easiest ones to be used in creating 'weathering' effects and this takes a lot of layers.

    I know that some of the locomotives in the game have a different graphics/data structure, and therefore, they are not available in the livery editor. I understand that transferring these loco templates to a form, which would allow custom livery editing, requires a lot of work from the dev team/coders. Nevertheless, it would be nice if the BR204 were to be available in the livery editor one day.

    Finally, it would be really nice, if the scenario editor were to be modified in a way, which would allow the use of several different custom livery cars/wagons and a locomotive at the same time. For example, I could use my custom livery locomotive together with several different cars/wagons, which all have a different custom livery, which I have made.In other words, I could build/compile my own trains just as I wish and I could use as many different custom liveries in the train as I wish.

    Are there any news about when the next livery editor version (2.0) will be published? Is there any target date set yet?

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