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Livery Editor

Discussion in 'Creation Centre' started by Pookeyhead, Aug 20, 2020.

  1. Pookeyhead

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    Dec 7, 2018
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    Not possible to import images? Fail... big time. Seriously... how can you possibly make any credible, realistic liveries without being able to do this? If that was never the intention... then what is the point? Is this a simulator, or a game? I just watched the stream that was broadcast on the 16th, and the reason given was they'd need to be vectors for scaling... which clearly isn't really true. And... you guessed it... the main reason was "How do we get them into things like consoles".

    Then copyright was an excuse. Come on... If I make a livery, for my train, on my PC, so what? I can do it in TS, so how come it's not an issue of copyright in TS, but it is in TSW2? As was said on the stream, he used the example of whacking a photo of Princess Lea on the side of a train would be a licensing problem... yet I've just watched a Twitch video where someone used the in-built tools to put an image of Kenny from South Park on the side of a train, so... (shrug). Any way... isn't painting a train bright pink and putting flowers on it a problem with train licensing also, because it looks like that will be no problem to create that.

    One font? One?

    If you do manage to create something you like, you can't save it as a custom shape?

    No matt finish?

    No ability to create genuine looking weathering?

    Can't edit an existing livery to give a starting point?

    Can't share what you do manage to create? So there'll be no real freeware community support then... great.

    If I'm incorrect about any of this, please correct me, as I really, really want to be wrong here.

    As it stands at the minute, I'm not seeing much to pull me away from TS, which I was actually hoping would be the case, as the Unreal 4 engine is fab, and looks much nicer, and requires less hardware to achieve similar performance.

    I know it's only an in game editor, and not a photo editing suite, but can you not also edit liveries outside of TSW2 like you can with TS? Please tell me that's possible.

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