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Lner: Edinburgh - Dundee In The Early 40s

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by finntd#7891, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. finntd#7891

    finntd#7891 Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2021
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    for once im changing things Up and doing a steam suggestion with the
    Edinburgh - Dundee Line in the Early 40s.
    36 (give or take) Miles, 18 stations, and Scenic scottish Countryside, How about some nice Screenshots on the Forth Bridge too?
    Ill be honest this is the best map I Could find.

    Now lest get into the Real Vegetable and Steak of this Suggestions with the
    Now ill be honest I like Diesels a lot more but I have a few personal favorite Steamers one of them being perfect for this route which is the
    LNER P2 Mikados:
    These Wonderful Looking Locos where designed for The heavy Express trains that would need to traverse the Tight curves and steep grades of this route normally done by 2 Small locos, By Today all where scrapped but 2 more are being Built, a Replica of 2001 "LOVE O The North" In The A4 Style Streamlining as the Later P2's had (im serious that is 2001's name) and a new build Number 2007 "Prince of Whales" in the Classic P2 Look. Although only 6 Members were built at the time it would be more then enough to Represent thbavorite LNER loco.
    LNER P2.jpg

    LNER V2:
    These units are Express Mixed traffic Locos working throughout the Entire LNER System and being one of Gresley's most successful designs, as said they can work Express Passenger and Freight service, might wanna through in some stopping stuff as well, one is Preserved so it would be easier to Make compared to the P2s.
    LNER V2.jpg

    Teh Rollingstock:

    Ill be honest it has been a Bit hard to find info on the Stock that could be Used one that can Definitly be used here is the Quad-art stock, also Corridor stock would work too for the Expresses
    Quad arts.jpg

    Unfitted Boxvans, Livestock wagons, Plank wagons, and Brake vans can make make up the Freight Operations of this route, Like I Said Unfitted so basically no Brakes you are only gonna have to rely on the Loco's Brakes.

    Plausible Layering:
    So the Obvious if any other LNER Route comes perhaps the Locos here can layer into there and the locos there can layer into here. on Modern routes These locos could run Excursions on the East Coast Mainline for instance.

    alright ill be honest this one is a bit more of a mess to me but should do the trick as a Suggestions, one thing I Told my self was "dont include the A3 or A4" i know people really want them but i think a Big East Coast Mainline route where they could be Greatly utilized would fit the A3/A4 Better, The P2 and V2 are also interesting and i wanted to focus mainly on the P2 so i chose a route they dominated in, plus i know people want more scottish route :p. Thank you for reAding i might try for a BR Green route next time i post.
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  2. trainsimplayer

    trainsimplayer Well-Known Member

    Feb 12, 2021
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    I think the Edinburgh-Dundee line would be much better suited for modern day.

    But this does seem a bit interesting, but modern day would be much, much more appealing to me.
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  3. jolojonasgames

    jolojonasgames Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2020
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    Anything related to the big 4 in their heyday makes me interested. An LNER route would be fun, but I'm not that knowledgeable that I can judge whether this is the best route to see LNER action (I'd love to see A3 and A4 pacifics most, just because of their fame).
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  4. driverwoods#1787

    driverwoods#1787 Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2021
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    You just did a part of Fife Circle Line found on Train Sim 21 which includes the Forth Bridge. If you go to Sister Game Train Sim 21 Forums and Type in Forth Bridge You're going to see pictures of this bridge. If a Challenge run were to be done by the Devs on this route using steam locomotives Matt or Jaime will have the lead because they did play TS21 steam locomotives.
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  5. Wolfovizer

    Wolfovizer Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2020
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    I would love to see this route, it would be a day one purchase for me. If made it would have to include this ˅ :) Toilet-with-a-view.-e1488188896320-1500x2000.jpg
  6. TheJTrain

    TheJTrain New Member

    Jul 24, 2021
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    This is a pretty detailed Suggestion! Good job!
    Maybe as a add on maybe they could do A1s?
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