München - Augsburg Destination Board Improvements

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by DeyKey, Nov 10, 2020.

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    After playing this route for about 50 hours since it was released, I have a few things that need to be improved on the destination board.

    1. The destination board on the S - Bahn and on the platform says that the S4 goes to "Ebersburg", but its "Ebersberg". Also in reality it doesn't say "Ebersberg (Oberbay)" rather than only "Ebersberg".
    2. For the S3, S4 and S6, it shows "München Ost", but in reality it's "Ostbahnhof" just like it already is for the S2.
    3. For the S2, it says "Dachau Bahnhof", but it's only "Dachau".
    4. Some S4 trains wrongly go to Geltendorf, while in reality they only go to Puchheim
    5. On the BR 423 destination board the S20 from Geltendorf to Höllriegelskreuth is missing, despite all the other S-Bahn services are available, even though they are not playable.
    6.. For all the other S-Bahn services, there are some destinations missing:
    -S1: Ostbahnhof
    -S4: Puchheim
    -S6: Gauting
    -S7: Ostbahnhof
    -S8: Johanneskirchen, Gilching, Ostbahnhof

    If a train goes to Munich, the destination board on the train always says it comes from "Wiesbaden".
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    Nice of you to provide them with how the real destination board works, and what it actually says. Another step towards total realism!
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