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München Hbf/cs - Buchloe (allgäubahn Teil 1)

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by BR430, Apr 4, 2020.

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    Nov 28, 2018
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    Hello dear DTG team,

    since the publication of Munich-Rosenheim, no more has appeared from Munich. Therefore I would like for the Train Simulator 2020, the rail route: "Allgaubahn Munich HBF - Buchloe Part 1". This is about 70 km long. Long-distance, regional and S-Bahn trains run on the section of the route this section the railway company: "Alex" for the most part with diesel locomotives to Lindau on Lake Constance from Munich CS via Munich-Pasing> Kaufering> Buchloe> Kaufbeuren> Kempten (Allg)> Immenstadt> Röthenbach Allg)> Hergatz> Lindau Hbf. That would be the complete Allgäu railway with a total of 220 km. However, since the entire Allgäu railway of 220 km would be too long for the simulator, I would only recommend building it to Buchloe, which is around 70 km, which would make me very peaceful.

    For S-Bahn traffic, the S4 runs from Ebersberg (Upper Bavaria) to Geltendorf with the 423 series. In the Train Simulator 2020 this would be from Munich HBF / CS to Geltendorf. The S-Bahn has a route length of 42 km from Munich HBF / CS to Geltendorf.

    About the route:

    The Allgäu railway after Munich-Pasing train station runs quite straight to Eichenau. Shortly after Eichenau, the journey continues in a slight left curve to Fürstenfeldbruck, after which the route continues largely straight towards Grafrath. After two long curves, Türkenfeld is reached, from where the route continues straight to Geltendorf. In addition, the line to Geltendorf is no longer electrified. The largely straight line on a railway embankment runs after the disused Schwabhausen station in a right-hand bend to Kaufering. Shortly before Kaufering, the Lech is crossed with the help of a bridge. The railway runs largely straight to Buchloe station, shortly before it meets the railway from Augsburg. In Buchloe the railway line to Memmingen branches off the Allgäu Railway. Up until just before the former Pforzen train station, the route continues in a straight line on a slight incline, before it reaches Kaufbeuren, the railway line continues in a slight right-hand curve and then a left-hand curve again. After Biessenhofen it goes straight on with a small slope. At Biessenhofen station, the railway line to Füssen branches off from the Allgäu Railway.

    I would like to add a few notes:

    1.) https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allgäubahn_(Bayern)
    https: //youtu.be/VZkbj0BzGtg

    the first 15 minutes to Buchloe.

    I would be very happy if the Munich HBF / CS - Buchloe Part 1 line could appear this year.

    Best regards

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