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    I thought about which railway line there could be for the TSW2. Now I have come up with a combination of two routes, so that there is something for (almost) everyone.

    On the one hand there is the Main-Lahn-Bahn. They run a 66.5-kilometer double-track electrified line from Frankfurt Hbf to Limburg. The lines RB22, RE20 and S2 operate there. There is a parallel route (approx. 6 kilometers) between Frankfurt Hbf and Frankfurt Höchst, so that there is one route for regional traffic and one route for S-Bahn traffic. Niedernhausen follows a few stops after Frankfurt-Höchst. The S-Bahn ends there. In Niedernhausen, however, the route meets the RB21 line. This line also runs a few times a day to Limburg. If it does not go as far as Limburg, it ends in Niedernhausen and is not relevant for the route. One stop before Limburg we meet the Lahntalbahn near Eschhofen. The RB45 line runs there. It only drives a short distance with us, but I would still include it in the route. This would ensure that the Limburg train station would not be so empty. But back to Frankfurt-Höchst. The Königsteiner Bahn branches off there. It is almost 16 kilometers long, single-track and not electrified. So the complete opposite of the Main-Lahn-Bahn. It leads from Frankfurt-Höchst to Königstein. The RB12 line goes there. The trains of the line RB12 continue from Frankfurt Höchst to the main station.

    RB22: runs the whole route between Frankfurt Hbf and Limburg and stops at every train station. (Every 60 minutes, in rush our every 30 minutes)
    RE20: runs the same route as RB22, but does not stop at every train station. (Every 60 minutes, only in rush hour)
    RB21: Runs the same route as RB22 between Niedernhausen and Limburg (Every 60 Minutes, only in rush hour)
    RB12: Runs between Frankfurt and Königstein. (Every 30 minutes)
    S2: Runs between Frankfurt Hbf Tief and Niedernhausen (Every 30 minutes, in rush nur every 15 minutes)
    Maybe S1: runs between Frankfurt Hbf Tief and Frankfurt Höchst and then branches off. (Every 30 minutes, in rush nur every 15 minutes)

    Rolling Stock
    The BR143 is currently running on the RB22 and RE20 lines with double-decker wagons. These are already available in TSW2.
    The BR648 runs on the lines RB12, RB21 and RB45 in the livery of the Hessische Landesbahn (HLB). This train would have to be new developed.
    The BR423, which also already exists in the TSW, runs on the two S-Bahn lines.

    Why this route?

    The route offers something for almost everyone. It connects the large metropolis of Frankfurt and then leads through forests and small towns to Limburg. There is a single-track diesel line and a double-track electrified line. There is a small railcar (BR648) and a locomotive (BR143) and a S-Bahn train (BR423). Many also wanted a diesel train. This would be here. There is regional traffic, but also S-Bahn traffic and once a day in each direction (I think) freight traffic. The only thing that is not included are express trains. But I think we've got enough long-haul routes lately. In addition, all people love routes that have branches where there is a lot of traffic. If I did not make a mistake, there are approx. 230 services (without S1).

    Here are a few links to the timetables:

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