Main Weser Bahn: Frankfurt Hbf-marburg

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    The second proposal for today is the Main Weser Bahn between Frankfurt Hbf and Marburg. So without further ado, lets get started!

    The Line
    This section of the Main Weser Bahn runs for 59 miles between the important hub of Frankfurt and the University town of Marburg, sat on the banks of the River Lahn.

    Major stations are marked in Bold

    Frankfurt (Main) Hbf

    Frankfurt Galluswarte
    Frankfurt Messe
    Frankfurt West
    Frankfurt Eschersheim
    Frankfurt Frankfurter Burg
    Frankfurt Berkersheim
    Bad Vilbel Süd
    Bad Vilbel
    Groß Karben
    Nieder Wöllstadt
    Friedberg (Hess)
    Bad Nauheim
    Ostheim (bei Butzbach)
    Großen Linden
    Gießen Oswaldsgarten
    Frohnhausen (Lahn)
    Marburg Süd

    Rolling Stock

    3 trains will be included on this route these being the: ICE T, FLIRT 429 and DB BR 146+DoSto. The Talent 2, DB BR 423 and DB BR 185 can be layered in also.

    Two companies will be featured, those being DB and HLB (Hessische Landesbahn)
    DB will operate the following services (under its Regio Mitte and ICE banner):
    ICE 26 (Hamburg-Karlsruhe) [starts in Marburg, ends in Frankfurt Hbf] {operated by ICE-T}
    RE 30 (Frankfurt Hbf-Kassel Hbf) [ends at Marburg] {operated by DB BR 146}
    RB 40 (Frankfurt Hbf-Dillenburg) [ends at Gießen] {operated by Talent 2}
    RB 41 (Frankfurt Hbf-Treysa) [ends at Marburg] {operated by Talent 2}
    S6 (Frankfurt Süd-Friedberg) [starts at Galluswarte] {operated by DB BR 423}

    HLB will operate the following services:
    RE 98 (Frankfurt Hbf-Kassel Hbf) [ends at Marburg] {operated by FLIRT 429}
    RE 99 (Frankfurt Hbf-Siegen Hbf) [ends at Gießen] {operated by FLIRT 429}

    [​IMG] Frankfurt Hbf

    [​IMG] Friedberg

    [​IMG] Gießen

    [​IMG] Marburg

    [​IMG] FLIRT 429

    [​IMG] ICE T

    Final Words
    Now, let me get this straight. I do know this really isn't the best place to include the ICE T as it cannot go to its full potential but looking at OpenStreetMap, it does seem we can get some tilting action on the line. Also, the line is pretty interesting, starting at a major hub and heading out into the valley through many small towns. And there are some decent sized stations too.

    I may as well make a quick pointer, there are opportunities for future DLC. One being the Desiro Diesel variant which would layer in services from Frankfurt Hbf to Bad Vilbel. Another being an extension (yes I do know DTG aren't doing extensions at the time of writing this) toward Siegen or Kassel.
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    If routed to Sigen then it can link with RSN with the Missing section Finnentrop Siegen. Basically you have multiple ways of Linking Frankfurt Am Main with the Ruhr Valley one of them is Main Weser Bahn via Gießen Siegen Finnentrop the 2nd way is SRM Köln-Frankfurt HSR and lastly the West Rhine Railway route Frankfurt-Mainz-Koblenz-Bonn-Köln. If Bundled with the Ruhr Valley routes this will be called Rhine Ruhr Main region Bundle. Furthermore Main Spessart Bahn can feed this route if the Frankfurt Aschaffenburg section is made. This will form a new network Rhine Ruhr Main Wesser and Spessart route network.
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    There would also be a Possibility, to include the coming br101 and 187. Also they would need to make it RE 40/41 with 2-3 Units of the Br442 which Split up in Gießen. Some Services of the RE 30 are also driven by Br143
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