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Make The Main Menu More Interesting

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions & Proposals' started by Doomotron, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. Doomotron

    Doomotron Active Member

    Oct 24, 2018
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    In Gran Turismo Sport, the main menu is great. It's a wonderful place to be. I think TSW's menu could be made more like it.

    GTS's menus have a selection of calm, relaxing and jazzy music, from Slow Train's In The Black Of Night to classic jazz tracks from Gran Turismo 2. I like TSW's menu music and RW's as well (including the music from TS2015 trailer that was never released) but the whole atmosphere could be improved with a touch of Gran Turismo and Isamu Ohira (the person who made most of the songs for GT1-4).

    The TSW menu background is a bit boring. It's static and not eye-catching. GTS is different. It has in-game cinematics of cars driving both in the 'studio' where you choose cars in Arcade Mode and Brand Central and in Scapes (a photo mode using pictures that can have cars put into it as if it was a 3D space). It is a sight to behold.

    Then, the menus in GTS start showing screenshots of the game's cars (like in the loading screens in Train Simulator) and then highlights from the Museum: where events in the car world are lined up with those in the rest of the world (for example, you could see what happened with Mitsubishi in 1991 and then see what happened at the same time in other news) - a very cool feature, totally should be added to TSW.

    Imagine this. You start up the game. You don't hear dramatic music; you hear some calm jazz. In the background, you see a GP40 moving along in a dark studio on some basic track, with the spotlight on the locomotive. It ends, and then you see a Museum card... 1999 - First Bombardier Electrostar enters service. And then, another event from 1999 - First 128-bit game console announced by Sega. Next up, a selection of screenshots both by DTG and the community.

    It doesn't have to be the main menu. In Gran Turismo, one of its joys is spending an entire session just looking at the cars, so those 'studio' cinematics could be used when choosing a train.

    I'd quite like this. It would make the game so classy. And while they're at it, DTG could get Polyphony Digital's menu guy to redo the UI as well.
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  2. HopesAnchor131

    HopesAnchor131 Active Member

    Mar 10, 2018
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    Depending on the route you have selected, you could have some random train activity as the background. For example if you select GWE the background could be a bustling London Paddington with randomly generated trains arriving and departing.
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