Make The Most Of The 465 Networker (and Other Existing Assets)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by markhazeldine, Mar 10, 2021.

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    Nov 10, 2020
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    Now DTG have released East Coastway, SEHS and the class 465, they have some great assets which would be a shame to waste. The 465 is one of the best, if not THE best? trains in TSW2, but it is rather restricted in where it can be used right now. We also have the Southern 377, Southeastern 375 and all the station and infrastructure assets from these routes. I know it's a bit unadventurous and some people would prefer more variety in the game, but as has been said on the roadmap streams, it takes a lot of work to develop routes in new countries and new rolling stock. So I guess what I am trying to say is, instead of starting from scratch, DTG should make the most of what they've got and bring out more Southern and Southeastern routes, because then they'd be able to turn them out faster and we'd have more routes to drive these trains on that we already have, which would be fun I think.

    Route ideas:
    London to Brighton: A highly requested route. They already made Brighton Station, Victoria serves both Southern and Southeastern
    South London Network: Again, makes use of all 3 trains mentioned above.
    West Coastway: Makes use of Brighton and the 377 and has never been done before, even in TS
    Charing Cross & Cannon Street to anywhere in Kent. This could either be one long route, or a suburban network covering south East London. It might be nice to cover areas not really touched in TS classic, such as routes to Hastings, Folkstone or Dover, or we could go with the boring but safe choice of the Chatham Mainline. But whatever, I would really like to see the routes start from the end of the line with Charing Cross or Cannon Street and not just from London Bridge because then the routes would feel more complete and the scenery going over the Thames would be awesome. I must say it would be cool to have the new London Bridge in the game too.

    Personally, I prefer the SWR region (because that's my home) and I really want to see Dutch routes in the game, BUT, I know these would be much more work because they'd be starting from scratch, so perhaps they should wait a bit before tackling those.
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    Yes to all of the above! To be honest I'd settle for anything in the Ex-Network southeast region at I'm local to the area
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    I like your idea but as we have seen in the forum in the last few days, it seems people don’t want to pay for something they have had before. So if it was bundled with the 375 or 377 they would complain and expect discounts.
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    The west Coastway also uses the 313 I believe

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