Manchester Airport To Blackpool North Via Bolton

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    I think this would be a good route for Train Simulator because it has a nice variety of stock such as: Class 390, Class 331, Class 195, Class 319, Class 221 and freight trains. I also think this would be a good route because it is a nice length at 59.64 miles and it takes roughly about 95 minute. It would also be very nice to see this route come with a class 195 and 331 so then we can not only use it on this route but we can also use it on freeware northern routes or payware ones. It is also good that we already have the line between
    Deansgate [DGT] and Manchester Piccadilly [MAN] so DTG do not have to make whole new models. This route is one me and my friends would like to see and i am sure the community would like to see this line to.

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