PC Missing Signal On Mag Causes Emergency Stop

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by fabristunt, Apr 21, 2021.

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    When doing the services from the depot I get a Zwangsbremsung for not having confirmed a signal, but there's no signal!

    There is however a magnet and the "Distant signal at reduced distance" board:
    I believe you forgot to place the signal post with lights in this position, please fix this.
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    That's just an Ne2 plate, which can be used with or without an accompanying signal. From what I understand of PZB, the 1000hz magnet is always active if there's no signal, and thus needs acknowledging.

    From the German signalling wiki:
    Ne2 Vorsignaltafel
    Vorsignaltafel = Distant signal board

    Used alone or in combination with a distant signal. Meaning: This is a distant signal. (It may be used stand-alone or to indicate the actual distant signal at the same place. Note that a semaphore distant signal may not show a visible aspect when showing Vr 1.)

    A main signal, shunting signal or a Ne1 will be found at braking distance. Unless a distant signal, distant signal repeater or main signal is visible, the train driver treats this signal as "Vr0 or Ks2: Expect Stop".

    Every distant signal is mounted with a Ne2 plate to mark their position (if this plate was not fitted, the driver would not know if he had passed the distant signal or not when showing aspect Vr1, since in this position it is practically invisible). Distant signal repeaters or distant signals mounted in combination with a main signal do not have a Ne2 plate.

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