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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by migmadmarine, Mar 21, 2021.

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    Since the upcoming Clinchfield route is nowadays a CSX region, was thinking it could be interesting to offer a diesel legends-esque timetable dlc for Clinchfield, set either before it's Clinchfield's closure in the 2,000s or around the proposed re-opening in 2017. You could have this pack use the locos and rolling stock from Sandpatch (and perhaps Penninsula corridor as well as Oakville), and use it as an opportunity to introduce some new locomotive and freight car for CSX, to be used both by this DLC and Sandpatch (others can suggest what would be desirable, I'm not familiar with what is used on what routes). Finally, this could also be an opportunity to add YN3 liveries to the Sandpatch locos, further increasing visual variety.
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    I would love a CSX timetable for CRR using the SD40-2s and AC4400CWs. Maybe even get a YN3 livery for them as well that can be available for use in the SPG timetable.

    The only issue is the Nora Spur has been largely abandoned except for 6 miles where a spur branches off for 2 miles. This second "spur off of a spur" did not exist during the Clinchfield era. Only 17 trains originated from this new spur in 2005.

    Also, the McClure Spur is no longer home to a coal mine, but now a woodchip facility, which outputs about 20-25 cars per week on average.
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