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More Amtrak Acs-64 Operational Information, Please?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LastTrainToClarksville, Mar 23, 2018.

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    Oct 12, 2017
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    The NEC_Manual includes a "Quick Start Guide" for the Amtrak ACS-64, but not a complete guide to driving it. Similarly, the engine's tutorial covers only a few basic points while lacking a lot of information that strikes me as necessary. For example, point 10 of the Quick Start Guide reads, "Gradually move the master controller forward into throttle range to start applying tractive [sic!] effort to the train." A similar comment occurs on the tutorial (only written; not spoken, sadly!). While attempting to drive this engine, I've learned that the master controller (MC) also has a braking function, but have yet to figure out how to balance these two aspects of the MC with the independent brake to control velocity as speed limits change rapidly along the route.

    I'd really appreciate a manual that includes this information, along with very elementary documentation such as the cab images and control explanations that appear in nearly every manual for TS DLC (even though the images and explanations typically appear on separate pages). A thorough tutorial would also be greatly appreciated in addition to the skimpy one provided, which provides just enough information to get someone into but not out of trouble.

    Having written this, I begin to wonder whether inadequate engineer training might be behind at least some of the numerous passenger train wrecks that have occurred in the U.S. recently.
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