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More Interactive Industries

Discussion in 'Content Suggestions & Proposals' started by 05jstone, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. 05jstone

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    Jan 16, 2018
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    I'm disappointed to find that Train Simulator only has 2 interactive industries: Coal and Containers. Trainz, on the other hand, has plenty of interactive industries to allow for greater freight operation. So I made this thread to tell you of the interactive industries I wish to see in Train Simulator:

    Produces: Logs

    Lumber Mill
    Consumes: Logs
    Produces: Lumber, Woodchips

    Consumes: Lumber
    Produces: General Goods

    Pulp Mill
    Consumes: Woodchips
    Produces: General Goods

    Container Station
    Consumes: General Goods
    Produces: Containers

    Goods Shed
    Consumes and produces General Goods on 2 seperate tracks

    Oil Field
    Produces: Crude Oil

    Oil Refinery
    Consumes: Crude Oil
    Produces: Fuel

    Meat Packing Plant

    Consumes: Cattle

    Consumes: Containers, General Goods, Logs, Lumber, Coal, Woodchips, Crude Oil, Fuel

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