More Space At Railroad Crossings

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Krazy, Sep 12, 2021.

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    Nov 13, 2020
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    Railroad crossings are one of the greatest places to railfan. They usually make for a nice view, and it's a great way to know if there's a train coming!

    With the addition of working level crossings in the game, it's becoming a lot more appealing to spawn at one of these crossings to watch trains pass by. But clearly the game does not want us to do that. Having just played a bit of Boston Sprinter and Riesa-Dresden, I decided to head over to some crossings to get a nice view of some branch line trains. I went to several crossings on both the Stoughton and Grossenhain branches, and most of them had little to no space to get a good railfanning shot.

    What's the point of working crossings if we can't even get a view of them? I'd really appreciate if the invisible barriers were moved back a bit at crossings, just so we can have a more pleasant railfanning experience.
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    Aug 29, 2019
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    Good suggestion and as an extension other good railfanning spots could be made accessible and even added as places to spawn on foot. As traffic increases in the routes it is an increasingly pleasurable thing to do to just watch the timetable in action.
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