PC Msb Ai Spads In Scenario Designer (and On Rsn)

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by Task, Apr 9, 2021.

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    TrainSim-Adam So I asked you about this issue in the stream chat and you said I should @ you in the forums so here is that.

    To summarize the issue: Some paths for Scenario Designer on MSB and RSN are broken in the form that the AI doesn't stop for a red signal. As we (the players) don't know which of the paths are affected Scenario Designer on both of those routes is basically unusable if you want to use freight. I had the issues on my second MSB scenario and on my first RSN one.

    Here is the original thread about it: https://discord.com/channels/721429249176764446/721438580106592266/820638584528175114

    I also submitted a ticket (#SNJ-105-88646) with more details, steps to reproduce and a video of the AI SPAD.

    I hope this gets fixed soon with the MSB update as I really want to realize all my scenario ideas for both of the routes.

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