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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions & Proposals' started by jack.kuiper.18, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. jack.kuiper.18

    jack.kuiper.18 Member

    Jul 30, 2019
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    Having multiple people in one “server” would seem very cool. One to three people can be the dispatchers for designated areas (San Francisco to Millbrae, Millbrae to Palo Alto, and Palo Alto to San Jose, for example) and communicate over radio (via party or game chat) to the other people in the server being engineers, conductors, or railfans. As a player is getting ready to find a server to play on, he or she can select their role (dispatcher, engineer, conductor, or railfan with radio access). Then, they can find a server with an opening for the desired role. If there aren’t enough players for all the trains to operate, then AI can kick in, but if a train is scheduled to leave and it doesn't have an engineer, but a player wishes to join the game as an engineer, s/he can join and can be in charge of that available train. The dispatcher would also have the ability to enforce verbal restrictions on an engineer if necessary (perhaps a car stuck on the tracks or a trespassing pedestrian that only the dispatcher gets reports of before he tells the rest of the trains on the line). Anyone can join any server, so you would be communicating with strangers, however you can play with friends, with a fill/no-fill option to dictate whether there would be strangers in that game as well. The dispatcher’s screen would be a dispatcher display, with control over every switch and signal on the line (sidings, crossovers, yards) except signals that govern the end of a track. A dispatcher could also grant freight trains permission to operate within yard limits, but the engineer of the freight train must contact and ask permission to begin the service, then again to realign the main track switch before entering the main line. Here is a scenario example: Southbound CalTrain 207 needs to depart San Francisco for Millbrae on track 2. Southbound UP 543 needs to leave South SF yard for Redwood City on track 2, but it is on a siding and must crossover track 1 to get to track 2. Northbound CalTrain 121 needs to depart Millbrae for San Francisco on track 1, and a backup has occurred. Assume all dialogues are real people. Further below, I have attached a picture of the CalTrain dispatcher display as a reference.

    -Player A is dispatcher
    -Player B is 207 engineer
    -Player C is 543 engineer
    -Player D is 121 engineer
    -Player Z is 207 engineer

    (Player A) "Dispatch to CalTrain 207 (Player B), you are clear from San Francisco to Millbrae on track 2 southbound, no restrictions unless I tell you otherwise, over"
    (Player B) "Roger that dispatch, will proceed from SF to Millbrae on track 2, over"
    (Player C) "UP 543 requesting access to track 2 at South San Francisco, over"
    (Player Z) "207, doors closed, clear for Millbrae, over"
    (Player B) "This is 207 to 543, we have priority on track 2 through Millbrae, over"
    (Player A) "UP 543, you are clear from South City track 1 to Scott, then you will be held there until 207 passes you, then you will follow him to Redwood City, over"
    (Player C) "543 is clear from South City to Scott on track 1, over"
    (Player A) "Dispatch to 121, you will be held at Scott until UP 543 clears your main behind 207, over"
    (Player D) "121, roger, over"

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  2. Michael Newbury

    Michael Newbury Well-Known Member

    Dec 11, 2016
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    DTG is aware that users would like multiplayer to be add to the game, at this point it is low on the list of things that are wanted or needed in the game. DTG needs to ensure everything about the game works properly before adding multiplayer. I think the raildriver has a better chance of coming out first before multiplayer does.
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  3. mlouie100

    mlouie100 Active Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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    I would like to see this feature added in the near future. Dovetails should add things like the passenger information system where u get the station displays programmed, station announcements and in train announcements first before considering adding multiplayer
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  4. MetrolinkF125#916

    MetrolinkF125#916 Active Member

    Jul 2, 2019
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    This would be very interesting. That way when on foot u can communicate with whoever is driving a train about their current location so a railfan can head there and catch that trains before it leaves, instead of sitting at a station platform for an hour before the trains finally comes and u ride it .
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